The Norwegian Humanist Association

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The Norwegian Humanist Association

The Norwegian Humanist Association is an organization for people who base their ethics on human values. 

Our membership numbers have grown considerably since the seventies, and today we have over 85,000 members.

The By-laws of the Norwegian Humanist Association state: 
1. Objective
The Humanist Association is an organization for people who base their life stance on human values. The Association will work to develop humanism and contribute to ensuring that people may practise their humanist life stance.  
2. Humanism
Humanism is a life stance in which the understanding of reality and ethics is based on reason and experience, rational and critical thinking, feelings and human compassion. Humanism is devoid of religious conceptions. In humanism, the independent and responsible human being is placed in the centre. The objective of humanism is therefore to offer every person an opportunity to develop independence, freedom and responsibility. The humanist approach includes a commitment to human rights as an expression of core values and ideals. Human rights are a good protection of human dignity and diversity.
3. Activities
The Association will work:
- For a state professing a neutral life stance, freedom to choose any life stance and respect for human rights in a pluralistic society.
- To ensure that everyone will be able to choose humanist ceremonies.
- To develop humanist life-stance and welfare services.
- To offer members a social and organisational framework for life stance identity and a sense of community.
- To spread knowledge of humanism and the organisation’s activities"  

Read "BY-LAWS of the Norwegian Humanist Association" (PDF) 
To order By-laws, contact us: info@human.no

The Norwegian Humanist Association is an organization for people who base their ethics on human, not religious values. Our members are agnostics or atheists. We support the following statement of the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU):

"Humanism is a democratic, non-theistic and ethical life stance which affirms that human beings have the right and responsibility to give meaning and shape to their lives and therefore reject supernatural views of reality."

Currently Mr. Tom Hedalen is President of the Board, and Mrs. Kristin Mile is secretary general of the Norwegian Humanist Association. 

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