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Humanist confirmation

Learn more about the ceremony and course of humanist confirmation.

# What is a humanist confirmation?

Humanist confirmation is a course and ceremony based on humanist values. This means that it is based on a worldview where humans are seen as independent individuals with the freedom to live as they choose, guided by their reason, reflection, and judgment.

Read more about the Nordic humanist world view here.

# Who can choose a humanist confirmation?

Our confirmation is open to everyone, regardless of their beliefs. There is no requirement to be a member of the Norwegian Humanist Association to choose a humanist confirmation, but if the teenagers’ parents are members, a discount is given.

Interested in becoming a member? Sign up here.

# What distinguishes humanist and church confirmation?

The biggest difference is the absence of religious focus. Both courses discuss life's big questions, but in the church this is done within the Christian faith. Humanist confirmation was started in Norway in 1951, by Kristian Horn who believed that traditions should not be limited to those who believe in a god.

# What is the purpose of humanist confirmation?

The goal of the confirmation course is to strengthen the young people's ability for independent thinking and ethical action. The course provides opportunities for the youth to reflect on their own experiences, choices, values and actions. The teenagers get to explore who they are and what they stand for, alongside others.

The confirmation groups are often teenagers from different schools and classes who are put together, so they can get to know new people.

# What does the confirmation course cover?

In the confirmation course, the teenagers explore central topics that concern all of us. The course addresses five different subjects:

Together with others the same age, they discuss and solve fun, educational, and challenging exercises. Example of topics:

# How does the ceremony take place?

After completing the course the confirmation period concludes with a ceremony, together with family and friends.

# What happens after a humanist confirmation?

In the past, confirmation marked the transition into adulthood on the confirmation day. Nowadays, we see the confirmation more as the start of the transition into adulthood. For many, the confirmation course is the starting point for thoughts and reflections that will be helpful when making choices later in life.

# How do I sign up for humanist confirmation?

Registration for next year's courses and ceremonies usually begins at the end of May for members and a week later for everyone else. The registration deadline is October 1st every year.

Everyone who registers before October 1st is guaranteed a spot. After October 1st, it may still be possible to register in some places if there are available course slots.