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Humanist naming ceremony

Explore and learn more about our naming ceremonies.

Welcoming a new addition to your family and society calls for a joyous celebration. It presents a wonderful opportunity to gather friends and family and commemorate one of life's significant milestones.

# What is a humanist naming ceremony?

A humanist naming ceremony is a celebration of your child, surrounded by friends and family, based on humanist values.

Every year, approximately 2000 children are welcomed to society by the Norwegian Humanist Association.

# Why have a naming ceremony?

A humanist naming ceremony is a celebration that marks a child's entrance into the world and the giving of their name. It provides a meaningful, non-religious alternative to christening ceremonies.

# When does one have a naming ceremony?

The naming ceremony is usually held when the child is between 4 and 12 months old.

# Where is the ceremony held?

The venues used for the ceremonies are usually local, such as a town hall, cultural center or community center.

# What does the ceremony cost?

The price of a naming ceremony varies from county to county.

There is no requirement to be a member of the Norwegian Humanist Association to choose a humanist naming ceremony, but if the child's parents are members a discount is given.

There is also a discount of 25% for members who has more than one child signed up for the same ceremony.

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# What happens during the ceremony?

During the ceremony, various traditions take place to celebrate the child's name and their special place in the family and community.

Navnefest i Bankettsalen i Oslo rådhus. Vi ser spent og pyntet publikum, et svartkledd kor og musikere.

The ceremony typically lasts for approximately one hour and includes several key elements:

Start of ceremony

The ceremony starts with the parents and children entering the venue in front of all their guests and loved ones.

Receiving of the naming document

The parents and children come to the stage to receive beautiful and personalised naming document.

End of the ceremony

The ceremony concludes as the parents and their children walk out together, symbolising the end of the celebration.

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